Wikileaks – again

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Wikileaks is back in the headlines this week after the release of more classified information, including the text of State Department cables. Among other things, the cables reveal the sometimes unflattering descriptions on heads of states and diplomats that the U.S. deals with.  The State Department will of course try to contain the damage as much as possible, and is hoping to capitalize on any relationships they may have built to minimize negative results.  SecState Hilary Clinton says, “I am confident that the partnerships that the Obama Administration has worked so hard to build will withstand this challenge. The President and I have made these partnerships a priority – and we are proud of the progress that they have helped achieve – and they will remain at the center of our efforts.”

Some may claim that the release of information is vital in order to uncover government waste, inaction and in some cases unconstitutional behavior.  I agree, but I believe that in the United States we have something called the “Freedom of Information Act“, that allows citizens and the media to review and reveal important data in a legal manner.  More importantly, it allows the release of information in a controlled manner that minimizes the risk (dare I say it) to “National Security“.  As with any law, the Act is subject to debate, discrepancies, and flaws, but at least it promotes these debates.

In my opinion, the uncontrolled release of information (especially during wartime) to the public is not only illegal, but downright dangerous to the ongoing efforts of diplomacy and military operations, and a direct threat to field operatives. As far as I’m concerned, anyone responsible for the release should be charged with treason, or espionage or both.

What are your thoughts?

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