3rd Batallion, 5th Marines – Dark Horse

A lot of you may have seen the recent facebook posts asking to pray for and support the “Darkhorse Marine Batallion”, and you may not be quite sure who they are.  Here is some information regarding our fine Marines.

These Marines are currently deployed in Sangin district, Afghanistan and recently suffered heavy losses, including the loss of 4 Marines from a single bomb attack on their ATV; however, as with all Marines they fight on and according to their CO, they are fulfilling their mission and morale is high.  Even so, the VCA extends its’ prayers and wishes for their safe return.  Please support our Marines and all our troops in whatever way you can.

Here is the Dark Horse official web site, where you’ll find a current letter from their CO, and ways of supporting them. Here is a link providing a little more detail on the “facebook request“, and for the WikiPedia entry on Dark Horse please go here.

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