The Corps Blazer ensemble is our professional business attire, but it is also a uniform, so we must all conform to the same standards. Here are the requirements:

  • Blazer: Plain, Single-breasted, Navy Blue, two-button, blazer (no stripes).
  • Shirt: White (only) collared, button-down dress shirt, long sleeve
  • Trousers: Plain Khaki or Medium-Grey dress slacks (no jeans, utility, or casual pants)
  • Shoes: Black dress shoes, polished. (no sneakers, boots, casual shoes) – Standard issue Black Service Shoes are the proper wear
  • Socks: Black, Blue, or Grey (no designs)
  • Tie: VCA Regimental blue/red tie. Interim, plain dark blue or black.
  • Blazer Patch: VCA crest pin-on or new VCA/9th Regt. combo clip-on.
  • Pins: VCA Rosette at a minimum.
  • Other military service and organization pins are allowed, but keep it conservative, not more than 2 miniature pins in addition to the rosette (we are not steakhouse waitresses).