The following are additional items needed to complete your uniform. They can be purchased on-line or locally. The prices listed are approximate

Starred Items can be purchased from QM

Parade Dress (Mandatory)

White High Waisted Trousers ($50)

Artillery red suspenders ($10)

White Collarless Shirt ($20)

White Tuxedo Shirt ($20)

Black Tuxedo Set (bow tie, studs, cufflinks) ($25)

White Parade Gloves ($7)

Black socks ($5)

Black patent leather shoes ($50)

Utility Uniform (Mandatory) (OCP Scorpion W-2 Pattern)

ACU Coat (OCP/Scorpion W-2) ($65)

Velcro full color flag, reversed ($3.50)

LASTNAME name tape, OCP pattern ($14/4)

VCASNY branch tape, OCP pattern ($14/4)

Rank insignia ($3)


ACU Trousers (OCP/Scorpion W-2)($65)

Moisture wicking t-shirt (Tan 499 color) ($12)

ACU Patrol Cap ($13) plus rank Insignia, sew-on ($2)

Black Beret ($20)

8” high hot weather boots ($100-$250)

2 inch riggers belt ($11)

Gloves, OCP/Multicam($10)

Socks (Green – Service) ($15)

Corps Blazer and Tie (Mandatory)

Corps Blazer Blue (Gold Buttons) ($100)

Black Patent Leather Service Shoes ($50)

VCA Utility Uniform

Khakis – Tactical Pants – Beige ($50)

VCA red polo shirt ($25)*

VCA ball cap ($25)*