The VCASNY is a military command based in the New York City area that has been in continuous existence since 1790, making it the longest-serving military unit in New York State and one of the longest-serving in the United States.  While preferred, prior military service is not required to enlist in the VCA.

The VCASNY requires its soldiers to project proper military bearing and observe proper military protocols. Having its roots in the U.S. Army, all soldiers are required to follow U.S. Army rules and regulations where applicable, and especially the uniform and grooming standards described in AR 670-1. Additionally, the VCASNY has a published set of rules and regulations (called the Redbook) which all soldiers must adhere to. The Redbook is downloadable below with a password available from the S6:

VCA Redbook

  • Any US citizen aged 18 to 65 years may apply for enlistment in the Veteran Corps of Artillery.
  • The right to apply does not guarantee admission to the Corps.
  • Acceptance is not based on religion, race, gender, or social standing, but what an individual can bring to the Corps with regard to leadership potential.
  • The Corps attracts individuals who are established in their own communities and have the time to fully participate. The unit’s membership is representative of typical everyday people including students, professionals, law enforcement, as well active duty military personnel and members of the National Guard and Reserve.
  • All new soldiers enlist at the rank of Private, regardless of prior federal or state rank.
  • Since the founding of the VCA each soldier has been required to purchase his or her own uniforms and equipment, however assistance may be available.
  • The VCASNY charges all soldiers an annual administrative fee, however active duty personnel will have their administrative fee waived while deployed.

A VCA application is provided in the link below for your convenience; however, all applicants are required to attend at least three drills or events prior to being interviewed for admission. Additionally and more importantly, by submitting this application, all applicants explicitly consent to periodic federal background checks.

Due to federal law, applicants with felonies on their record can not be admitted to the VCA.

Download Application

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