Happy 220th Birthday VCA!

But first…The VCA wishes all of you a Very Happy Thanksgiving.  We extend a special holiday wish to our serving troops of all branches at home and abroad.  May you stay safe, stand tall, and come home soon to your loved ones.

To all past and present troops of the Veteran  Corps of Artillery…Happy Birthday!!!.  Today marks the 220th Anniversary of the founding of the Veteran Corps of Artillery of the State of New York.

You are part of an organization with a long and rich history of service and patriotism.  From its’ early days to the present, in peacetime and in war, the VCA and its’ members have volunteered for military service whenever the call the came. While the unit today is primarily ceremonial, the VCA still volunteers for service when required. Whether the call is to honor Veterans who have passed, provide comfort to serving troops, or to march in a military or civic parade or ceremony, today’s members are willing and ready to uphold the spirit of honor, tradition and patriotism that the VCA was founded on.  Charge the Cannons, Raise the Glass, and make a Toast.  Happy 220th Birthday VCA!!!!


The VCASNY wiki page states, “The VCASNY is the oldest military organization in New York State. It was formed in Manhattan on Evacuation Day (New York), November 25, 1790, by Veterans of Washington’s Continental Army Corps of Artillery. The founders met at the City Arms Tavern located off Broadway near Trinity Church, to establish an independent artillery company of exempts in the event of a return invasion by the British. Exempts were males beyond serving military age and thereby exempt from regular militia service. They are currently headquartered at Manhattan’s 7th Regiment Armory in the City of New York. Under federal law, they are part of the Organized Militia of the State of New York, and under state law it is an Independent Military Organization and an Historic Military Command.”

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