Unites States and the Pacific Region

Australia and the United States have been allies since World War I, and became even closer allies during World War II. Navy Adm. Mike Mullen says, “They fought in every war with us for a long time.” They have “contributed troops and treasure to Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan and worked side by side with American service members in trouble spots from Africa to Kosovo to East Timor.”

With the hopes of improving military-to-military relations with China, Mullen, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, recently visited Australia, to discuss how this can happen with Mullen’s Australian counterpart, someone who has had success in that area. Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, Defense Minister Steven Smith and Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, were at the discussions to represent Australia.

Also discussed were Australia’s part in military operations in Afghanistan, maintaining security in cyberspace, and India. Mullen says, “India is a rising power and a global economic power.”

For more detail, go to Defense.gov.

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