More Sophisticated Drones

US Air Force: Lt Col Leslie Pratt, file photo

With the Pentagon aware of the fact that there is a possibility that the next war can begin against an “enemy with a well-equipped Air Force and sophisticated military instead of terrorists armed with guns and roadside bombs,” there is pressure on the Air Force and the rest of the U.S. Military to develop more sophisticated drones and surveillance aircraft.

They worry that with the growing terrorist activities, the aircraft and drones there are in use now will not do good enough job. They’re goal is to make an upgrade so that aircraft are stronger and less visible to radar, and to improve intelligence and surveillance for the U.S. ground troops.

Air Force Lt. Gen. Philip Breedlove says, “By January, the Air Force’s drones will have logged a million hours of combat air patrols over war zones. Starting with only a few drones on 24 hours patrol, the goal is to have 50 on 24-hour air patrols operating by the end of Sept. 2011, and 65 by the same month in 2013.”

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