Mission: 07 NOV 2021 – NYC 2021 Marathon

Date(s) - 07 Nov 2021
All Day

Fort Wadsworth



What: Firing Battery & Color Guard for the start of NYC Marathon

Who: Firing Battery, Color Guard, Active VCA in good standing,

Where:  Those arriving on mission date (7 NOV) will report to Fort Hamilton outside the main gate and in front of John Paul Jones Park time TBD

-We are working on accommodations for the night before, more information will follow

When: 07 November 2021 – Report NLT 0500 on 7 November.

Why – Support for the NYC Marathon

UOD – VCA Parade Dress – black pants – accouterments – Support and select Firing Battery members – OCP’s with patrol cap.

NOTE: Credentials will be needed as in years past, a new system is being utilized this year, all individuals may need to provide a photo, and information.

Due to Federal COVID regulations, masks will be required at all times on Fort Wadsworth.



Registrations are closed for this event.

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