A Christmas Story

In the winter of 1914, somewhere out on the Western Front and during a lull in heavy fighting between the English, French and the Germans, German soldiers began to climb out of their protective trenches and started putting out Christmas trees, and singing carols.

Soon the English and the French joined in and eventually a Christmas truce was proposed. Amid the death and destruction, troops took the time to bury their dead. The story goes that eventually enemy soldiers were exchanging gifts and playing football (soccer) on the battlefield.

It was not well received by commanders, and some troops were killed while coming out of their trenches; but for a brief moment, there was peace on earth on the Western Front. It is almost too incredible to believe in the power of Christmas, but when warring nations/soldiers in the middle of battle, take the time to wish each other “Merry Christmas”, one is left to wonder…

On behalf of the VCA, we would like to WISH all of our service men and women, both at home and abroad, of every religious persuasion, a Very Happy Holiday, a Very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. May you stay safe, and may you come home soon.

Here is more information on the “Christmas Truce“. Here is a Wiki Article.

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