The M1 Garand – United States Rifle, Caliber .30, M1

M1, originally uploaded by vcasny.

This was the first semi-automatic rifle generally issued to any nation’s infantry, and was used by the United States from World War II until the early part of the Vietnam War. It is still currently in use by drill teams, honor guard. Civilians also like them as a hunting weapon. Although its’ history could be traced back to pre-production in 1916, it went through a lot of trial before been adopted in 1939. Its design issues continued, and changes were made until around 1941. It was successful on the battlefield and General George Patton even called it “the greatest implement of battle ever devised.”

Deadly Trivia – When the clip of the M1 empties, it ejects with a distinctive sound. Japanese and German soldiers began to use the metallic sound to recognize when American troops had to reload, and thus attack.

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