Marine Dies Protecting His Wife

On Sunday night (Oct 31) , 23 year-old Sgt. Ryan Lekosky was attacked while he and his wife were walking along Dauphine Street in the Quarter after celebrating the service’s 235th birthday at a formal ball at the New Orleans Marriott on Canal Street. A man allegedly pulled over right next to them, shouting inappropriate remarks at his wife. They then got in an altercation and Lekosky stepped in and defended her.

As reported by the police, (Sgt. Lekosky) sustained several stab wounds while trying to break up the fight.”

He survived combat in Iraq, but was murdered, in uniform, in the French Quarter.   In honor of this fallen Marine, we post the flag of the United States at half-staff, along with the U.S. Marine Emblem.

In Honor of Ryan Lekosky Unites States Marine Corp
United States Marine Corps
















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