“Call Us”

The FBI has a short and simple message to the person who has shot at the Pentagon, a Marine museum and two military recruiting stations in the Washington area: Call us.

They want to speak to who they believe is an ex-Marine holding some type of grudge. The shooter has not harmed anyone because the all the shooting were at off-hours, but they do not know if this will escalate.

John Perren, acting assistant director for the FBI’s Washington field office, stated that investigators think the person may be dealing with a traumatic event such as loss of a job or divorce, and they assume the person was part of the Marine Corps at some point. Criminal profiler Pat Brown, who trains law enforcement, thinks the shooter is a young person who lives around the area of the museum.

Many people of the area are concerned something bad will happen, and someone will end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

They are hoping to catch the shooter and find out why he’s doing this, and if they can help him.

For full story, go to Military.com.

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