America’s best days lie ahead

“The bravery, resolve, expertise and commitment of American servicemembers proves that America’s best days lie ahead”, President Barack Obama said at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan December 3, 2010.

In his address to 3500 servicemembers, President Obama thanked them for their service and sacrifice and said they were “part of an unbroken line of Americans who have given up your comfort, your ease, your convenience, for America’s security. ..They did it for the same reason that all of you do, Because the freedom and the liberty that we treasure, that’s not simply a birthright. It has to be earned by the sacrifices of generations — generations of patriots, men and women, who step forward and say, ‘Send me.’”

Supporting American servicemembers should be “apolitical”.  They are doing what they signed up for and are bound by their oath, and daily sacrifice.  The quotes here are from a recent story on

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