The Veteran Corps of Artillery supports mission requests from all branches of the U.S. military, and civilian organizations. Civilian organizations requesting the services of the VCA for ceremonies and other functions,  should fill out the “Request for VCA unit“, and email the completed form to Once approved, you may return to this page to submit your payment for the requested services.* If you prefer to pay by check, follow the instructions on the form.

*Civilian organizations are responsible for securing all permissions, permits and authorizations required to fire a battery salute. After your request has been approved, you must notify the local NYPD precinct, the FDNY, and any other local or state authority required, and obtain all permits. Proof of appropriate permits is required for execution of firing mission.  Please note that organizations that fail to secure proper permits for their event will NOT be entitled to a refund, and the VCA will NOT conduct a firing mission without appropriate permits.

If your organization prefers that the VCA obtains the permits for you, please select the “Permit Service” below. This fee is payable on-line only. Fees due to local authorities are additional and payable directly to the approving authority.

Although the VCA prefers a 60 day notification period, the period may be waived at the Commandant’s discretion.

Request for VCA unit

Photos below are only examples.  Please read description for each service offered.