About the VCA

The VCASNY is a federally and state recognized active American Historic Military Command. Founded at the end of the American Revolutionary War for the purpose of preventing another British invasion of New York City, the VCASNY is the oldest military unit in New York State. It was formed in Manhattan on Evacuation Day (New York), November 25, 1790, by Veterans of Washington’s Continental Army Corps of Artillery. The founders met at the City Arms Tavern located off Broadway near Trinity Church, where they established an independent artillery company of exempts, in the event of a return invasion by the British.

The current mission of the VCASNY is to “preserve the military heritage of the State of New York and to support military activities in the State of New York upon request”. The VCASNY today serves primarily as a ceremonial unit and during the course of its drill year is invited to participate in numerous New York City parades, civic and patriotic events. Independently or in association with traditional Veterans’ organizations, the VCASNY also serves as honor guard and provides firing parties for military funerals, military anniversaries and other events of military interest.

True to the core beliefs of its founders, most members of the VCA have served or are serving in the military of the United States. Its members have independently served in several wars including WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Desert Shield, and the present GWOT conflicts.

VCASNY members have also served in all of the United States military branches. Many VCA members are serving actively in the military today, including the Regular Army, National Guard, Reserves and the NY (State) Guard.

Drills and practice are held in several locations including Fort Hamilton and Fort Wadsworth. The drill season begins in October with the Columbus Day Parade, and ends with the VCASNY “4th of July” Salute to the Union, where an artillery salute is rendered from its firing battery of 75mm pack howitzers. This practice began on On July 4, 1794, when the VCASNY fired its first federal artillery salute from the Battery in New York City  in celebration of U.S. Independence.

The VCASNY is always looking for new blood to fill its ranks.  If you are interested in enlisting, please contact us at the above “Join the VCA” link.

VCA News

VCASNY wins Best of Show at OMSA 2021


On 5-8 August 2021, CSM Rogers attended the annual convention of the Orders and Medals Society of America in Wisconsin.  OMSA is a society that collects and researches Medals and Decorations all over the world. This year, CSM Rogers created an exhibit of the medals and decorations of the VCASNY ans MSW1812, and the VCA exhibit was judged “Best of Show.”

Commemoration Day of the War of 1812


Greetings to all soldiers and officers of the VCASNY,

                On behalf of the Commandant, the Public Affairs Office wishes to express a heartfelt thank you for your service to all members of the Corps, as we celebrate the 8th annual Commemoration Day of the War of 1812, first decreed by Proclamation on 27 April, 2013 at the direction of Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of the City of New York. 

                This historic event occurring within Central Park at the Block House, a military defensive fortification built in 1814 to defend Manhattan Island against British incursion, marked the first time that representatives of four historic societies gathered together to honor those who proudly served in the War of 1812.  The Veteran Corps of Artillery provided field music along with the rendering of honors and speeches by members of the VCA, the Military Society of the War of 1812, along with the Society of the Second War with Great Britain and societies of the United States Daughters of 1812, representing both the statewide society as well as members of the New York City chapter.

                Now as then, Americans should be rightfully proud of our national heritage and honor the memory of all who answered the call of service and sacrifice to ensure that our country would endure!

                Members of the Corps should be duly inspired and uplifted with esprit de corps in the knowledge that they have earned the privilege of uniformed service in the preservation of the rich legacy of military history in the State of New York and carrying forward the traditions and legacy of patriotism in service to the United States of America.

Very respectfully,

Rory Capra

Virtual Salute to the Union


Celebrating July 4th, 2020 Virtually

Veteran Corps of Artillery Firing Howitzers at The Battery


Please join us Independence Day for our Annual Salute to the Union.

Without our ability this July 4th to gather at Battery Park, we are doing a very special tribute virtually.

Join us right now! Click on the link below.