The Veteran Corps of Artillery, State of New York in an Historic Military Command.  Please refer to our about page for further information.

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Under New York State Military law Section 238-c, “It shall be unlawful for any person to appear in any public place or in the public view attired in any uniform similar to that worn by the military, semi-military, naval, police, storm troop or other official or semi-official forces of any foreign state, nation or government, or attired in any distinctive part or parts of such a uniform, or to assemble with other persons similarly attired in any camp, drill ground or other place for the purpose of engaging in military drill or training or other military practices.

In specific reference to the U.S. Army uniform, the VCA has adopted the uniform since early in its founding. Today the members or soldiers of the Veteran Corps of Artillery, State of New York are entitled by law to wear the uniform under the National Defense Act (Public No 85, 64th Congress – HR 12766) It states:

“All Corps of Artillery, Cavalry or Infantry existing in any of the States on the passage of the Act of May 8th, 1792, which by law, custom or usage of said States has been in continuous existence since the passage of said Act under its provisions and under the provisions of Section 232 and Section 1625 to 1660, both inclusive of the title 16 of the Revised Statutes of 1873, and the Act of January 21st, 1903, relating to the Militia, shall, be allowed to retain its ancient privileges, subject nevertheless to all duties required by law of Militia; Provided, That said organizations may be a part of the National Guard and entitled to all privileges of the Act, and shall conform in all respects to the organization, discipline and training of the National Guard in time of War;”

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Today, the VCA drills and trains in several locations including Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn and Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island, with other military venues used as required.

Any member of the VCA who has earned federal or state award, medals, devices, tabs, etc. can wear them on their VCA uniform as long as they are shown on their DD214. Priorities are established by the specific service in which such decorations were earned. Any member who was entitled to wear a beret (as shown on their DD214) is entitled to wear that headgear instead of the standard U.S. Army beret.

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These are both short and full acronyms for our name. I.e. VCA is the Veteran Corps of Artillery, and VCASNY stands for Veteran Corps of Artillery of the State of New York.

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Please review the web site. All information is located here. All members and prospective members should be familiar with the web site and search here before contacting anyone with questions.

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