The Biggest Event of the New Year

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Is only 3 days away!  Polish your shoes, Spiff up your buttons, do a few extra push-ups.  The Veteran Corps of Artillery Annual Mess Dinner takes place this Saturday January 8th at the India House Club in downtown Manhattan. In addition to our own troops, we will have distinguished guests from branches of the U.S. Military, and this year we also have the privilege of being joined by David Rohde the award-winning correspondent.

This Mess Dinner promises to be one of the best R&R events of 2011.  If you will not be there, don’t worry…Photos and video clips of the event will be posted on our site.

Don’t forget!  Mess Dress, Parade Dress or Black Tie only.

Centennial Legion – Elected Officer and Veterans

American Revolution Artillery Military News New York Press Release VCA Veteran

As many of you know by now, the new commander of the Centennial Legion is COL. Houstin Spencer. As always, the VCA wishes the COL. their best and much success in the coming year.

Today we write about one the VCA’s very own! At the Annual Director’s meeting, the VCASNY’s own Initiatives Officer, LTC Herman N. Cohen was elected 2nd Vice Commander of the Centennial Legion.  He follows in the footsteps of another VCASNY member who served as CLHMC Commander, the VCA’s current Adjutant, COL Matthew G. Cusack, Jr. who served from 1996 -1997.

Best wishes to one of our own!

At the meeting, LTC Cohen, who in civilian life works for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington, DC,  distributed copies of a DVD he produced, called “Homes for Heroes”. The video is about grants available for severely disabled veterans to adapt their homes for wheelchair accessibility.  You can view the video at the VA site here.  He is currently working on a new video on assistance to Veterans having financial difficulties called “Alternatives to Foreclosure“.  In addition, LTC Cohen’s monthly streaming Internet video broadcasts to Mortgage Lenders, National Service Organizations and Veterans on GI Home Loans and Grants can also be viewed at VA site here. Just go near the bottom of the page to the section labeled “Previous Broadcasts”.

If you are a Veteran, please go to these sites for information on receiving the benefits you’ve earned.

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Centennial Legion – Boston and Plymouth

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It was a busy weekend for the VCA and its’ Centennial Legion sister organizations, and most participants only had time to go from event to event, while catching a little rest in between.  The weekend began at a leisurely pace with a private tour of the Old North Church, and was followed by a nice complimentary reception at the Union Oyster House.  The Oyster House is the “oldest restaurant in continuous service” in the U.S.  Our thanks to BG Milano, Proprietor.

The VCA’s first event was the participation in the Change of Command Ceremony aboard the USS Constitution.  It was a grand event hosted by the United States Navy aboard the oldest warship in the U.S.  The mantle was passed from CAPT. Ed Hebert to COL. Houstin Spencer in grand style and ceremony.  The VCA wishes COL Houstin their best as he takes on his new responsibilities.

In addition to dignitaries of the Centennial Legion, the key note speaker was MG Bray, Commander of the Rhode Island National Guard and Militia. The ceremony was followed by yet another complimentary reception at Warren Tavern.  Warren Tavern had been visited by the likes of George Washington and Paul Revere.  It was also the site of the first formal Masonic lodge in Boston.  The libation was flowing and the food was fresh.

Saturday began with a drive up to Plymouth, MA for the VCA’s participation in the Plymouth Thanksgiving Day Parade.  If you weren’t there, the best way to experience it is with photos.  Please visit our Flickr Photostream to see many photos, and videos from this event and the weekend.

Stay tuned tomorrow for other Centennial Legion news from the 75th Annual Meeting regarding one of the VCA’s own officers.

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The 75th Annual Convention of the Centennial Legion

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The 75th Annual Convention begins in Boston today at 1200 hours.  Members of the VCA, as well as other historical units will participate in many activities including a Change of Command Ceremony aboard the USS Constitution,  The Plymouth’s Thanksgiving Day parade, and a couple of tours in historic Boston.

Also know as “Old Ironsides”, the USS Constitution web site states that it is the “world’s oldest commissioned warship afloat, promotes the United States Navy and America’s naval heritage through educational outreach, public access and historic demonstrations,  in port and underway” .

For more information on the event, please go to the Centennial Legion web site. Stay tuned for photos and reporting of the event over the next couple of days.


American Revolution Artillery History Military News Military Photos Patriots Press Release Veteran
U.S.M.C. Emblem

As a former member of the greatest Air Force in the world, and a current member of a 220 year old Historic Military Command with regulations and traditions born of the United States Army, I have to admit that I still feel honored when I am in the company of these men and women. Please join the VCA in wishing a Very Happy 235th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps.

The official birthday of the Marine Corps is 10 November 1775, when the second Continental Congress passed a resolution to raise “two battalions of Marines”.

Happy Birthday to old and new friends alike. OohRah and Semper Fi!

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From the VCA Command Sergeant Major

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Wearing a military uniform means more than carrying on a tradition, or identifying us as a member of a historical military command. It is an outward sign to the public of our competence and professionalism, and of the deep respect we share for our unit and our State and Country. The VCA has its own regimental uniform for Parade Dress, Mess Dress, and its own Corps Blazer. The Quartermaster section has posted descriptions of the proper wear of our regimental uniform. Additionally, Army Regulation AR 670-1 “Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia” provides a complete description of the Class A, Class B and ACU uniforms used by the VCA.  Similarly, the transition document describing the new ASU (blue) uniform for Class A and Class B which is replacing the dress greens, is available via the web as ALARACT 202/2008 “US Army Service Uniform.”

We always strive to present a proper military image, with our clothing properly fitted and in good condition, neat and pressed as appropriate. Along with this is the proper wearing of our uniforms. For instance, a field jacket or all weather coat is never left open or half closed; it is always zipped / snapped / buttoned / belted when worn otherwise, it is carried. For the ACU, the ends of boot laces are tucked in, after being tied, under the tounge flap, and our trouser pockets are not bulging nor do we store items in any of the blouse pockets. And then there are some uniform-related caveats: typically, headgear or cover is worn outdoors and removed indoors. An important exception for the VCA is that cover is used both indoors and outdoors when the individual is under arms. When carrying our swords and musical instruments, we are considered under arms.

When we see a uniform problem with a fellow soldier, let the individual know. We should all make an effort to always check each other to ensure we are squared away; this is especially important before an event in front of a public audience or in front of a camera.

See this page for additional VCA uniform requirements and regulations

HIMARS System – Field Artillery at work

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Visit the VCA blog site daily for VCA updates, calendar of events, photos, and reminders and other news of interest.

The accuracy of the HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System), is credited with forcing enemy personnel to give up positions they’ve held for years in much of Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.   Currently the HIMARS is deployed with Army and Marine Artillery units.

Read the story at and the NY Times

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